Leading Off (8/21/13)

More Measles Documented. On Friday, I mentioned there were two measles cases confirmed. Now, there are 11. It appears the cases can all be tied back to the Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark.

Officers Fired From DPD. Six officers and a crime analyst were fired and one was suspended from DPD after several investigations revealed their wrongdoing. In one case, two officers ran over a man who was riding a bicycle. The officers initially said that the man on the bike ran into the squad car. It’s now obvious that was not the case. The man, Fred Bradford, died. The other officers were fired after an investigation revealed they mishandled 747 domestic violence cases. Some of those cases are now beyond the statute of limitations. Meaning, as Chief David Brown put it, that “there were some victims that didn’t get justice.”

“No Justice for Justice.” Animal rights activists were surprised at yesterday’s decision where Darius Ewing—the man who put flammable liquid on Justice the dog before his friends lit the dog on fire—was given a two-year sentence instead of the five years that Ewing agreed to. The judge said prosecutors didn’t prove that Ewing used a deadly weapon.


  • Dubious Brother

    Cops not doing their job is a bad thing but you have to wonder how many of the 747 domestic violence cases were false allegations to begin with and part of what has become all too common as a divorce strategy. Serious consequences for the false accusers and their attorneys would quickly eliminate that burden on the system and stop wasting police time by using cops as pawns.