Leading Off (8/19/13)

Dallas Resident Killed After Being Deported to Mexico, And Other Tales From the Immigration Front: If you are looking for a poster family to represent the tangled mess of immigration legalities and illegalities which destroy lives and families, take the Carreras. Rosa Hilda Carrera came to the states illegally as a mature adult. She brought with her two sons who were 6 and 7 at the time. She married an American citizen, and they had a daughter and another son, both American citizens. One of the illegal brothers returned to Mexico, and another was deported. Both were recently gunned down by drug thugs in Chihuahua. The mother went to Mexico to attend the funerals, and when she pressured police to investigate her sons’ deaths, they told her her life was in danger. So she fled Mexico, returning to the U.S. only to be apprehended by the border patrol and coerced into signing a voluntary departure document. Now a husband is stranded, having difficulty working while taking care of two children who have lost their mother. You can watch Rosa Hilda Carrera’s American citizen children cry here.

Beenado Strikes in Fort Worth: The death of the honeybee may be a national catastrophe, but don’t tell that to the residents of the 3700 block of Galvez Ave. who were attacked by a massive swarm of bees Sunday afternoon.

Good Samaritan Stabbed to Death Trying to Break Up a Fight on Greenville Ave.: Terrell Cowherd recently moved to Dallas from Houston and was on Greenville Ave. early Saturday morning when he tried to break up a fight between two men. That’s when Jerry Brown held Cowherd, while Julian Terrance Martin Jr. stabbed him to death. Martin turned himself in Sunday. Greenville Ave. is still not sure what it is turning into.

More Late Night Club Deaths, This Time in Oak Lawn: More dumb, needless deaths over the weekend as three people were gunned down at a nightclub early Sunday morning. This murderer also turned himself in.

Young Golfer Jordan Spieth Is a Loser: Which is to say, it took two playoffs holes for Patrick Reed to beat the 20-year-old Jesuit grad who almost nabbed his second PGA tour victory after becoming one of the youngest ever to win a tournament last month. For the loss, the Uptown resident left North Carolina with a measly $572,400 in purse winnings.


  • Wes Mantooth

    Who peed in Simek’s Wheaties this weekend?

    • gimmethewooby

      Agreed. He wrote about death, death, death, death, loser.

  • Dubious Brother

    The Carrera story may have a happier ending if she had entered the US legally or legally pursued US citizenship after marrying a US citizen. With so little information one has to wonder about the father of the two sons she brought illegally into the US, were the two sons involved in the drug trade, was she deemed undesireable by the US because of her sons’ involvement ….. I don’t think the US has been very active in deportations unless there has been criminal activity.

  • Thufir_hawat

    I have a hard time including Maple at Hawthorne in the definition of Oaklawn.