Leading Off (8/16/13): The Really Late Version (No, It’s Not Jason’s Fault.)

Jason’s on vacation, and he asked someone to do Leading Off. I remember someone volunteering but can’t remember who it was and my email isn’t opening so I’m not sure whom to blame. It may have been Tim or Zac, but they’re both shooting shotguns somewhere. It may have been Mike Mooney. Maybe Peter, but I doubt it. I bet it was actually Eric. Anyway, I’m currently interviewing an intern applicant and have about 10 minutes to do this while she types up a profile about me (we have a really fun interviewing process). So here’s a quick Leading Off.

Our Weather Is Awesome. I recommend playing outside today and tomorrow. And then remembering these gorgeous days when we’re back in the 100s.

West Nile Watch. Two new cases have been reported in Plano.

Measles Watch. Measles has been reported in an adult and a child in Tarrant County. Measles has been considered a nonissue for the U.S. since 2000. If you’re immunized, you should be fine. If not, be careful.


  • Eric Celeste

    It’s an issue again because of the idiotic anti-science wing of the Left and their anti-vaccine blather. They’re like our Tea Party, only with better-looking celebrity spokesfolk.

  • Dubious Brother

    It is an issue again probably because those that have it are not here legally and are not entering the country with medical screening as is supposed to be the case.