Just Because Superintendent Mike Miles Hasn’t Done Anything Illegal or Unethical Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Be Run Out of Dallas

That’s the overall point made in my and Jim Schutze’s hourlong discussion Saturday on KNON 89.3, which you can (and should) watch and/or listen to. You could just read the column he just posted that goes over a lot of these same points — about some school board members and their witch hunt against Miles, about the media’s complicity in said witch hunt, etc. — but then you’d miss out on these things:

  • My take on the most-recent trumped-up DISD “scandal,” a take that is soil-your-pants brilliant.
  • During the first break, I offer a sip of my grande orange spiced iced coffee to Jim, because he was coughing. His face is priceless.
  • A mention of the column I wrote months ago that talks about how much staffers dislike trustee Elizabeth Jones. [Scoreboard.]
  • Us waving at an unidentified studio interloper like a couple of starstruck ninnies.
  • My take that if the forces against Miles are successful, the business community will abandon DISD.
  • A sneak preview of my column in the September issue of D Magazine.
  • A look at my phone. It’s HUGE.
  • My breathing. I’m more wolf than man. Seriously, I sound like this.