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Hey, DMN: When Is a Scoop Not a Scoop? When It’s Four Months Old.


Perhaps you follow one or more Dallas Morning News editors on Twitter. If so, you saw a tweet or two yesterday suggesting Steve Brown’s report — that a Trader Joe’s was replacing the defunct Cantina Laredo at Inwood Village — was a hot scoop. Not so fast, said CultureMap’s Teresa Gubbins. She (and then I, and then others) let them know that Gubbins reported this news more than four months ago using the same type of retail-worker sources.

Look, we all know Tim hates it being pointed out that he doesn’t keep up with the Internet. But that’s when we’re haggling over whether someone “broke” a story minutes or an hour before someone else. This was not only four months ago, it was the only place where it was reported. That I know of. Happy to post an update if I’m wrong.

That’s what Brown should do here. I’ll even write it for him. He can just copy and paste:

Update: CultureMap was the first to report that Trader Joe’s was going in Inwood Village. Sub-update: I hate the Internet.