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    Haley represented our American-Irish community, at an Irish festival celebrating all 32 counties of Ireland, the ex-pat communities throughout the world, and the hope that all will be able to return home at least for visits and to share the original community feeling of market week in small country town.

    Our Texas Rose of Tralee centre has arranged for a young lady of Irish heritage to return home each year now for 29 years, with the fervent support and annual hopes of the our community in Texas. This year, for the first time in those 29 years, the Texas Rose was chosen as the fairest, sweetest and best representative of this heritage & tradition from an original field of over 80 Roses. Communities, or centres, are located around the country of Ireland, one in each of her 32 counties and another 48 throughout the world, the newest having first entered just this year which is Abu Dhabi in UAE!

    It is indeed a BIG deal, and not just for Haley O’Sullivan who will travel worldwide in the year ahead, visiting communities, bringing a little bit of Ireland to those who have been away, helping to link our various host countries, families & those of Irish heritage around the world, but for all of us here in Texas!

    Every time Haley ventures forth as the International Rose of Tralee she will be speaking about having growing up here in America, her life experiences and her family’s connection to Ireland. Haley will be another great goodwill ambassador and represent well our diverse cultures, traditions and benefits of living, working & playing here in DFW!

    Thank you for posting the link and for sharing the great news with Frontburner’s readers,