Explain Your Fear of Revolving Doors, Chickens

During these triple-digit days, it’s important to preserve the cool, comfortable air-conditioned temperatures of our office buildings. Hence, the operators of many downtown buildings — including our own Saint Paul Place — place orange cones in front of their swinging doors, providing a subtle nudge to use the revolving doors. But I see so many people ignore the cones and open the swinging doors wide, allowing cold air out and hot air in. Why? What are you so afraid of?


  • A.B.

    I’m always afraid someone will join me in my little slice of door. Ick.

  • JtB

    That an anxious looking Clark Kent enters at the same time as me from the opposite side while loosening his tie.

  • Alice F.

    Ahem … someone I know (not me, obviously) has experienced minor injuries a couple of times in revolving doors. Don’t ask me how, but it’s happened. I’ll use them if there’s no other option, but they’re not my first choice.

  • downtownworker

    I love revolving doors for the simple fact that they work on a first-come-first-served basis. I have nothing against opening doors for women, but chivalrous acts like this annoy me in an office setting… particularly in the elevator, where many well-intended young men will hold up the flow to let a lady through.

  • Amber

    Okay Dan you caught me. Yes, I go through the glass door with cones every day! And you want to know why? Because when I walk outside in the miserable/ hot/ sticky/ humid air, the best feeling ever is opening that door and getting blown away by nice, refreshing, cool air! (something that does not happen when you walk through the revolving door… very anti-climactic) It’s the little things in life 🙂

    … and same goes for winter! When my legs are freezing and I can’t feel my face, opening that glass door feels like a warm blanket of hot air just wrapped itself around me.

  • Raya-Gabrielle Ramsey

    Thank you, Dan, for pointing this out. Drives me crazy.

  • Brett Moore

    I mainly am afraid of the proper revolving door etiquette. Do I let a woman go first, as I would with a normal door? Do I go first in order to get the door started?

    As for my fear of chickens, that’s a whole other deal.

  • Thiago

    Our revolving doors in Chicago are always required to use on the hottest days. I don’t mind, though. I love revolving doors. Going in circles. So much fun.