• Dan Koller

    I like the use of “bub” over the more-obvious “hoser,” You’re the best there is at what you do, Zac, but what you do isn’t very nice.

  • Eric Celeste
  • jrd

    The CBC logo is a nice touch, subtle.

    Still can’t believe we have a Texas Senator who is a subject of the Queen of England, that goes against everything the Constitution stands for.

  • fostokes

    Nice use of a backwards Gretzky skating the cup!

  • Ted Cruz is a Candadian Jesus


    Your back bacon was well placed, eh? MIA: Anne Murray and bikini pics of Margaret Trudeau.

  • jeffstrater

    Awesome Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim coffee cup!

  • Wes Mantooth

    Is moose curling a thing now?

    • Zac Crain

      I HOPE SO

  • Mark

    This post has me longing for the days when FrontBurner’s left-wing content didn’t suck.

    Rod, come back!

    • Frank

      Never mind that the publisher was editor of National Review. Numbnuts.

  • Lexie Okeke


  • Bruce

    I personally like Hoser better than bub, but I. AM. CANADIAN. (and American too). Nice touch adding Terry Fox, but you missed Bob and Doug McKenzie!

    Well done, Zac