DSO Responds to Article About Fired Volunteer

In our September issue, there appears a story titled “The Talented Mr. Reyes” (online title: “The Party Crasher Who Duped Dallas Society“). It concerns a man named Jose Reyes, whom the Dallas Symphony Orchestra publicly fired as a volunteer. The story contains this passage:

A highly placed source within the organization says Reyes crossed the line on two sensitive fronts. First, one of Jaap van Zweden’s family made a formal complaint about Reyes. A member of the DSO’s elite Elan Circle agreed to check with others regarding their feelings about Reyes. Yes, they, too, had grown tired of his “lurking and hanging around.”

Jonathan Martin, the DSO’s president and CEO, takes issue with that and today sent us a letter of clarification. It reads:

The article “The Talented Mr. Reyes” suggests that the decision to end the DSO’s relationship with Mr. Reyes was influenced by others, such as the van Zweden family. That is not correct. The decision to end our relationship with Mr. Reyes was made solely by me as the CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.