DSO Responds to Article About Fired Volunteer

In our September issue, there appears a story titled “The Talented Mr. Reyes” (online title: “The Party Crasher Who Duped Dallas Society“). It concerns a man named Jose Reyes, whom the Dallas Symphony Orchestra publicly fired as a volunteer. The story contains this passage:

A highly placed source within the organization says Reyes crossed the line on two sensitive fronts. First, one of Jaap van Zweden’s family made a formal complaint about Reyes. A member of the DSO’s elite Elan Circle agreed to check with others regarding their feelings about Reyes. Yes, they, too, had grown tired of his “lurking and hanging around.”

Jonathan Martin, the DSO’s president and CEO, takes issue with that and today sent us a letter of clarification. It reads:

The article “The Talented Mr. Reyes” suggests that the decision to end the DSO’s relationship with Mr. Reyes was influenced by others, such as the van Zweden family. That is not correct. The decision to end our relationship with Mr. Reyes was made solely by me as the CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.


  • Eric

    Dallas high society seems regularly taken in by these flatterers and sycophants. There was that spikey haired clown several years that seemed to take this same crowd for an expensive ride. Doesn’t anyone check resumes or backgrounds anymore?

  • Greg Brown

    I never quite had an appreciation for the word “sycophant” until I read this article.

  • Jose Reyes

    The DSO’s “elite” Elan Circle is now officially dissolved, which is another perfect example of how public support for the DSO is deteriorating by the minute. The DSO is in dire straights right now, and the man at the top of this organization is to blame.

    The only other member of Jaap van Zweden’s family I have ever met in my life is Anna-Sophia van Zweden. The DSO lied to D Magazine about me several times in this story. For example, they claim that I was not invited to the 2013 AT&T Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala launch party. I beg to differ. Please see below a copy of my formal invitation to the event as issued to me by Tab Boyles, Director of Event Planning, Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

    Hmm. I guess this must have slipped their mind. Not only was I invited by the DSO, I also RSVP’d that I was going to attend. They already knew in advance I was going to be attending, yet they had the audacity to lie about it to the reporter. So, who’s a party crasher now??? The “Smoking Gun” as evidence below proves that I was indeed invited to the party. Liars never prosper.

    —– Forwarded Message —–

    From: Jose Reyes

    To: Tab Boyles

    Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 9:19 PM

    Subject: Re: Gala Launch Invitation

    Thank you, Tab. I do plan on attending for one person. Thank you so much. See you soon. Regards, Jose

    From: Tab Boyles

    To: “‘[email protected]'”

    Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 11:15 AM

    Subject: Gala Launch Invitation

    Tab Boyles

    Director of Event Planning

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

    Schlegel Administrative Suites

    2301 Flora Street

    Dallas, Texas 75201

    214-871-4045 – phone

    214-981-2988 – fax

    [email protected]


    2013 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala

    Anne & Steve Stodghill Gala Chairs

    Cordially Invite you to

    The 2013 DSO AT&T Gala Launch

    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    6:30 – 8:30pm

    Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

    Residence of

    Anne & Steve Stodghill

    10401 Lennox Lane

    Dallas, Texas

    Business Attire – Complimentary Valet

    RSVP by May 6th to 214-871-4090

    Or [email protected]