Dan Branch For Attorney General Campaign Ad: ‘The Hero Gotham Deserves’

State Rep. Dan Branch is running to be elected attorney general, and he’s released this campaign ad that paints him as a determined freedom fighter, out to slay the twin terrors of big government and gay marriage. “Come and take it,” he says, taunting all those who dare defy the will of Texas.

I didn’t think his clip went nearly far enough in painting him as a True American Hero under assault by the nefarious forces of Washington, and so I’ve made some enhancements, which you can see for yourself above.

Also, State Sen. Ken Paxton (R-McKinney) yesterday entered the race. When his campaign spot comes out, I’m planning a Green Lantern mash-up.


  • Brett Moore

    Is Branch taking a hard right turn? I feel like he’s McCaining himself. Or, at least, he’s been Lepperted.

    • sherman

      Shows you how out of touch the Republican Party is. To win the nomination you must spew the extremist party line, then if elected, you may slowly reveal your true centrist beliefs. The extremists control the campaign funds so you gotta play the game.
      But, yeah, he’s doing a Leppert. Sad.

  • bobbykaralla

    The Batman touch made me love America even more.

  • Karl

    Thank Jeebus for guys like Dan Branch to protect us from the gays. Have you seen most of them. They work out like fiends and are quite scary and muscular. There’s really no telling how many straight asses they would kick without people like Dan to keep them in check.

  • Mavdog

    Branch outlines an interesting platform based on “limited government”, and proceeds to advocate increased government roles in defining the rights of an individual’s choice in marriage as well as the woman’s ability to determine of they will have a child.
    quite a contradiction when you stop and think about it….

  • Sarah Bennett

    Would this also make an appropriate background theme? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-D1EB74Ckg