City Manager Tommy Gonzalez: Irving Leaders ‘Need to Stop Eating Their Young’

Tommy Gonzalez
Tommy Gonzalez

From watching the Cowboys HQ flee for Frisco and the Byron Nelson golf tourney pull up stakes for Dallas, the city of Irving seems to be on a losing streak lately, as Eric discusses in the current issue of D Magazine. Now Tommy Gonzalez, the somewhat controversial Irving city manager, is speaking out about the troubling trend. In an interview with D CEO, Gonzalez—who will leave his post later this year after seven years—was asked what Irving’s leadership is lacking that might put the city on a more positive trajectory.

“They need to stop eating their young,” Gonzalez replied. “They need to stop leaking out information about themselves to the media, and making every minor issue a cesspool. And I think once they grow up from that mentality, Irving can do whatever it sets its mind to do. And I think it’s being stymied right now by virtue of a lack of clarity in that regard.” Has this been going on for awhile? “I think it’s been going on for quite some time,” Gonzalez said. “I think it’s really reached a fever pitch in the last three years.” The city manager then paused for a moment before adding, “I know I was very honest and blunt, but I think I’ve been quiet long enough.”


  • Arthur Stephens

    Sports teams don’t always equal success for a city, and if Tommy G thinks he missed out on not keeping the cowboys he’s just letting his cowboy envy cloud his thinking. Last time I looked Irving had a AAA Moody rating with Arlington and Frisco coming in with AAs. I wonder what happened to the hotels and Rodeo Drive style shopping that was projected to spring up in Arlington if the tax payers would just take one for Jerry. Frisco can have the “New Look same record” Cowboys which won’t help them climb out of the debt they already swim in. If it’s a good deal for Jerry you can bet your city rating it’s a bad deal for you.

  • Irving

    All happened on Tommy’s watch and now while his job search bears no fruit, he has to find someone to blame for the move to improve his resume. Teflon Tommy actually needs to try a new approach and look up the word accountability. No one in Irving played more beyond the scenes dubious deals than Tommy. Ark Group, McDougal, LCG…look awesome on your résumé.

  • Carlos Quintanilla

    Much of that aaa rating can be atributed to the good work of Tommy Gonzalez.

    • Mimi W

      Irving had a Triple A bond rating way before Tommy got to Irving.

  • James Baker

    Tommy, your comments sicken me. Where was your leadership the past 7 years? You were the choir director, but fell to playing the bassoon. Where were you while the city was paying your buddy Delbert McDougal Millions$, and the man you brought to Irving? Where were you and the city legal team(HA!) when it came to the LCG contract? You want to throw stones? Move out of the glass house. The sooner the better. As usual Carlos is an idiot not playing with a full deck.

    • Randy Boatright


  • Guna Selan

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  • Jean Rose

    The day Tommy Gonzalez turns honest, the Dallas Cowboys will return to Irving.