• BradfordPearson

    Why did they use a photo of a club that’s been closed for six years? Or was that their intention?

  • Mavdog

    It’s very apparent they have a big bag of nothing when they brag about their strip clubs and an abundance of fast food joints….

  • MichaelinLH

    Of course their liquor stores are open on Sunday. How else could anyone stand to live there?

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Couldn’t we be “challenged” by someone who’s climate ISN’T comparable to Nate Newton’s nutsack?

  • Mark

    I’ve only experienced Atlanta as a visitor, but I’m a former employee of a Very Large Corporation based there and know probably 200 people who have transferred here from Atlanta. Some of these transfers were “move to Texas or find another job” deals.

    I don’t know that I ever heard anyone talk about trying to engineer a transfer back, but I probably heard something to the effect of “I’d find another job before moving back to Atlanta” from two dozen different people.


  • AmyS

    I doubt the Atlanta ISD students have higher test scores than DISD students.

  • AmyS

    Isn’t this really a case of “Oh look – Atlanta’s copying Houston” (puts hand to forehead forming a backwards “L”).

  • BrentDude

    Atlanta kiped Terrell Bolton.

  • Cliff Ogden

    Did Houston host the world Olympics? Are they home to the biggest, busiest, and most efficient airport in the world? Does Houston have the most federal buildings in the south? Does Houston have the third most concentration of fortune500 companies? Coca Cola? Delta? UPS? Home Depot? Does Houston even have the tallest buildings in the nation outside of NYC and Chicago? Does Houston have the highest concentration of wealthy black people in the nation? How about CNN World HQ? Is Houston undertaking the largest transportation project in nation in the Atlanta Beltline? How about investing billions of dollars into downtown and building the National Center for Civil and Human Rights or the national college football HOF? Does Houston have the one of the highest concentrations of colleges and universities? Houston is a wonderful place but it certainly is not on Atlantas level. And Yes, Atlanta is not perfect but its been a World Class city since 1996.

    • Dubious Brother

      No offense C O but it looks to me by your list that the Washington D.C. to Atlanta money train is an express. I wonder why?

    • Chris

      How many bribes did it take for Atlanta to get those olympics? The IOC investigation found DECADES of bribes from host cities.

    • BMr

      Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation, has more billionaires and millionaires in Houston than Atlanta could ever imagine … Miles and miles of huge mansions in their many ritzy neighborhoods and also their amazing suburbs( first colony, the woodlands, Clearlake etc..) , it boasts the second largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies outside of New York google it if you don’t believe me, it has the second largest Asian community outside California ,the largest medical center in the world( no.1 cancer center in the nation and 1 out of the top 5 heart hospitals (st lukes episcopal hospital) second largest upscale shopping experience in the nation (Houston galleria) Atlanta’s shopping scene couldn’t hold a candle to the fashion labels here.. Atlanta doesn’t even have a freestanding Chanel or prada boutique….two international airports( who wants to be in an overcrowded airport) 5 or more professional sports teams with their OWN venues, low living costs, second largest theatre scene and museum district to New York ,huge arts scene, their own ballet company, symphony etc…4 skylines that soar over Atlanta’s skyline, over 90 languages are spoken in this modern metropolis that is projected to pass up Chicago’s population in the next ten years .. Also Houston is a huge city with a down to Earth friendliness… Atlanta is very nice cute but very tiny compared to Houston and has a lot less when you are educated on the facts…Atlanta could fit into the city of Houston almost 4 times… The sq mileage is almost 600 sq miles which makes it the second largest US city in terms of sq mileage… Atlanta can’t even begin to keep up with this power house of a city…

    • BMr

      Btw, why would the fact that Atlanta having largest concentration of black millionaires be something that it would boast? Imagine if I said that Dallas has the largest concentration of white billionaires in the nation… Wouldn’t that seem a little racist? I do believe… The whole should matter not just a portion…

  • pedro527

    Anytime someone calls their hometown a “world class city,” you know it’s anything but…

  • Los_Politico

    I read your first one as “did Houston host the *worst* Olympics and thought,”wow, you got em!” lol

    Also, PG County Maryland has the highest concentration or rich black folk.

  • Leesha

    The greenish petrochemical haze over Houston is a toxic soup of cancer-causing agents, so you enjoy that, darling. And, yes, dirty oil buys nice things — hence the millionaires and billionaires you cite — but we are living in a post-peak oil era (look it up), and since H-town is a one-industry town, it had better diversify and quick.

  • Leesha

    Who cares? Unless you’re bitter, of course.

  • Donnie Mantits

    Dallas has more people, but Atlanta is more of a major world city.