Up to 400 Expected For November Conference at The Adolphus Hotel on JFK Assassination

Debra Conway, center, with JFK Lancer staffers and authors.
Debra Conway, center, with JFK Lancer staffers and authors.

Debra Conway calls herself a happy housemaker, with lots of children and grandchildren. But she’s also a proficient organizer—and a dogged critic of the status quo. So, since 1995, Conway has run JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, a “historical research company specializing in the administration and assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” For nearly 20 years, Southlake-based JFK Lancer (Lancer was the late president’s Secret Service code name) has also put on a Dallas historical research conference focusing on the assassination.

This year’s gathering, on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder, is scheduled for Nov. 21-24 at The Adolphus hotel. The organizers are expecting 350 to 400 people to attend, and it doesn’t appear to be a conclave of whack-jobs, either. Attendees will include academics, medical doctors, and JFK-assassination eyewitnesses, and Jefferson Morley—a veteran Washington journalist who’s written for Slate, the New Republic and the Washington Post—will be the keynote speaker. “We’re not, ‘the UFOs did it.’ We are a very conservative group,” Conway says. The November event at the Adolphus will be “a way for people to better understand the documentation of the case, and where we are today compared to investigations in the 1960s.”

Conway says she’s “never felt comfortable with the way we were sold on” JFK’s killing, especially after living through the Watergate and Iran/Contra scandals. “People still care and want to study the assassination,” she says. “Why should we stop studying it? Do archeologists quit after finding one vase, and then go home?”

Perhaps surprisingly, Conway’s no fan of the aggressive conspiracy theorists who hawk JFK autopsy photos in Dealey Plaza. But she’s also no fan of the city of Dallas’s plans for a tightly regulated, Nov. 22 memorial there marked by limited ticket sales and police background checks. The conference too is planning its own remembrance ceremony on the plaza—sometime that day, anyway.

With Dallas expected to be in the global media spotlight on Nov. 22, Conway fears residents won’t like what results. “The city has every right to put on a program, but I never dreamed they’d do it this way,” she says. “I’m afraid the message is not going to be, ‘Dallas is trying to do something beautiful.’ It’s going to be, ‘Dallas has lost its mind, trying to keep people out of Dealey Plaza.’ “


  • Robert Morrow

    If you want to get quickly “up to speed” on the JFK assassination, here is what to read:

    1) LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination by Phillip Nelson
    1) The Man Who Killed Kennedy by Roger Stone
    2) JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass
    3) Brothers: the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot
    4) The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh
    5) Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ Baker
    6) Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson by Jablow Hershman
    7) Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III by Peter Hounam (LBJ engineered the attack on the USS Liberty)
    8) Inside the Assassinations Records Review Board Volume 5, by Doug Horne
    9) Watch “The Men Who Killed Kennedy – the Guilty Men – episode 9” at YouTube –
    best video ever on the JFK assassination; covers well Lyndon Johnson’s role
    10) Google the essay “LBJ-CIA Assa ssination of JFK” by Robert Morrow
    11) Google “National Security State and the Assassination of JFK by Andrew Gavin Marshall.”
    12) Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus.” Intimidation of Ross Perot 1992
    13) Google “Vincent Salandria False Mystery Speech.” Read every book & essay Vincent Salandria ever wrote.
    14) Google “Unanswered Questions as Obama Annoints HW Bush” by Russ Baker
    16) Google “Did the Bushes Help to Kill JFK” by Wim Dankbaar
    17) Google “The Holy Grail of the JFK story” by Jefferson Morley
    18) Google “The CIA and the Media” by Carl Bernstein
    19) Google “CIA Instruction to Media Assets 4/1/67”
    20) Google “Limit CIA Role to Intelligence” Harry Truman on 12/22/63

  • Jim Glover

    The truth is the truth and the old Texas Guard has been exposed by the JFK Coup of 63. LBJ ordered the cover-up and for months before the word on the street was they were gonna kill Kennedy and he was warned not to go to Dallas. LBJ and Hoover were about to be fired by JFK and He knew the Military and CIA/mob were plotting a coup and they even told Khrushchev that when we were on the verge of the destruction of the Cities with Nukes… We are Lucky to be alive.

    Someone wanted Phil Ochs and me to be warned about the plot and we found out stuff… It is already on the net …Google away. The Russians knew the oil mob was involved and so did LBJ who was the key to the cover-up… only he had that power with the aid of his pal, Hoover.

  • usmc

    THANK YOU “D” for one of the most truthful articles about this whole JFK, Dealey Plaza controversy yet to be published. Also thank you for what appears to be Debra Conway’s true and unedited comments. You deserved a lot of credit for this published piece.