Southwest Airlines Offers Free Trip to Flint, Michigan, Murder Capital of America

The newspaper business can be a lot of fun.
The newspaper business can be a lot of fun.

As you can see, this was front page news in “the Vehicle City.” That’s a nickname for Flint with which I was not yet familiar. I’ve previously only ever heard it called “America’s deadliest city,” “Murdertown U.S.A.,” and “Most violent city in the nation.”

Don’t worry, you have until the end of the month to enter to win.

(Sorry for picking on you, people of Flint. I know General Motors did you wrong.)


  • AmyS

    And Bonus! That winning ticket is taxable.

  • Mimex4

    I am from Flint , born and raised, and still maintain a home there, been a Dallas transplant for the last 18 months due to my job, and I am telling you, Flint is fine. Crime is everywhere, and as cliché’ as it sounds, “if you look for trouble , you will find it” In all my life of living there, I’ve never had a problem, and I lived on the not so great part of town, or at least that is what some people would say, Since I have been in Dallas/Irving, my car has been broken into, there has been a murder in my apartment complex, my apartment office building has burnt down for reasons unknown… and I live in Irving / Los Colinas. Enter the contest, and if you win, I will consider you lucky! It’s a fun, blue collar town where people are friendly, liquor available 24/7 until 2:00am, no trying to beat the clock to buy it by the ridiculous hour of 9:00pm as here in Dallas, the Coney dogs, and real Greek gyros are unbeatable, Donut shops open 24/7. Party stores on every corner, owned by friendly Chaldeans guys, and I mean they are on every corner, Bars galore, beautiful lakes and camping, green trees and fresh air…and some terrific cultural places to visit too. I am not even going to say there are bad areas, but if your racist, or uncomfortable with people that don’t look like you, then you might “think” you are in a bad area, but if you’re not, then Flint is for you, it’s only bad, if you make it bad!