Rembert Browne On Dallas: “It’s Amazing”

Grantland staff writer Rembert Browne came through Texas last week (full report here) as part of his summer-long “Rembert Explains America” road trip. He spent a couple of days in Dallas, one afternoon of which was spent with a handful of D Magazine folks at a local watering hole. That, unsurprisingly, was not the highlight of his trip.

Many a thing could be discussed about the 48 hours spent in Dallas, from the food to the museum culture to the high quality of strangers, but nothing tops what could be the greatest regret of the trip:

Showing up to the Prophet Bar jam session two hours late. …

Within 30 seconds, it was clear this should have been our entire night. Yes, there was no [Erykah] Badu, but all of the musicians onstage were associated with either her or Kirk Franklin or Snoop Dogg or other popular musicians. And, in the spirit of a jam session, people in the bar would appear onstage and tell the band what they wanted and the band would figure it out and then magic would happen.

You shouldn’t need a visitor’s recommendation to check out the Wednesday-night jam, but if that’s what it takes, so be it.