Leading Off (7/8/13)

Rick Perry Set to Announce Political Future Today: Well, you know he already made his decision, but Perry will likely let the rest of the world know whether or not he will run for governor at a 1 p.m. news conference today in San Antonio. The Dallas Morning News notes some of the gubernatorial perks that Perry may not want to give up just yet, including simultaneously collecting a salary and pension:

He has a free house, state-paid security detail, an expense account and jets to take him places. He went to actor Russell Crowe’s wedding in Australia, sat in on drums with ZZ Top and has made cameos in movies and TV shows playing — who else? — the governor of Texas.

The Continental Avenue Bridge Is Forever Closed for Vehicular Traffic: Like all things Trinity River Project, the closure of the bridge, and its subsequent renovation into a “landmark civic space,” arrives a little late. But arrive it has, thereby significantly cutting down on the number of wrong turns you can make off Riverfront looking for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Wild Weekend in Dallas Sports Features Homophobic Slurs, Walking Cons, and Basketball Reruns: Josh Brent is out of jail, the Stars’ new center is tweeting slurs (then blaming them on hackers), and Devin Harris is a Maverick again.


  • TheGuy

    Sources are telling me Perry will announce this will be his last year with Texas, and he will signing with the Miami Heat to play point guard for the 2014 season.