Leading Off (7/23/13)

DISD Trustees Hire Outside Help To Investigate Mike Miles. Did the district’s superintendent bully the former communications chief? Did he improperly attempt to influence the awarding of a contract? Did he hinder a previous investigation into the whole deal? It falls to former U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins to find out (paywall). Like a fine Swiss watch. That’s how it runs.

Wheel Shoots off Southwest Jet. Only minor injuries were reported after a Southwest plane lost its front landing gear on a landing at LaGuardia. Former Dallas City Council candidate Bobby Abtahi was on the scene and tweeted pictures of the crippled jet, which led to an interview with Wolf Blitzer and, more impressive, a retweet by Chamillionaire.

Federal Court Rules Farmers Branch Rental Ordinance Unconstitutional. From the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans: “The ordinance not only criminalizes occupancy of a rented apartment or single-family residence, but puts local officials in the impermissible position of arresting and detaining persons based on their immigration status without federal direction and supervision.” Now Farmers Branch has to decide whether it wants to keep fighting. From Bill Brewer (paywall), whose firm represented landlords and renters in the fight against the ordinance: “We wonder how much further Farmers Branch wants to take this conversation and if it isn’t time to begin the process of healing.” I’ll translate that for you: “Boom, beeyotches! You want some more of this?”


  • Larry

    The only effective legal way to drive illegal aliens out of a community is to tax them out through gentrification, the method successfully pursued in historic East Dallas and North Oak Cliff, as well as long ago in the Park Cities and other premier suburban communities.

    Instead of making Bill Brewer more famous, Farmer’s Branch should simply re-invent itself as an exclusive community by raising its property taxes. As far as I know, because illegal alien is not yet an officially protected class, there’s no legal barrier to extending housing subsidies to legal residents of FB of all protected classes who might need one to cover their higher taxes who submit the appropriate qualifying application proving their citizenship and need.