Leading Off (7/16/13)

Randy Travis on the Mend. Fingers of Fury (paywall), with help from the AP, tells us that Travis could be released from the hospital in a few weeks. He underwent brain surgery, and Dr. Gary Erwin, the critical care and pulmonary disease specialist treating Travis, says, “We’re seeing improvements in brain scans showing decreased swelling of his brain. He is awake and alert, interacting with his family and friends.” No one ever wants brain surgery, but it occurs to me that if he survives this brush with death, Travis will have earned full redemption, right?

Lewisville City Council Cracks Down on Breasts. I’m not sure how this place has never made into our annual Best of Big D issue, but there’s a joint in Lewisville called Redneck Heaven that sometimes hosts “ABC days,” which means “anything but clothes.” The waitresses wear pasties and body paint. Technically, they were not breaking any laws. So the City Council changed the laws. Only the Observer was brave enough to post a slideshow of the restaurant’s transgressions. My favorite is the bikini top with actual goldfish swimming in it.

Coppell Cop Behaves Like a Cad. Now folks in Coppell know (paywall) why a deputy chief abruptly resigned back in April. He was under investigation for jokingly having another officer look at naked pictures of a teenage assault suspect. What they still don’t know: who the suspect was (besides that he was a football player) and why he had naked pictures of himself on his phone.

The Ticket Nominated for Two Marconi Awards. SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket is up for two of the biggest awards in radio. It’s the seventh time the station has been named a finalist for “sports station of the year.” It won in 2007. And it’s the fifth time the Gentle Musers — Gordon Keith, George Dunham, Craig Miller — have been finalists for “personality of the year.” They’ve yet to win.