Leading Off (7/15/13)

Will Greg Abbott Be the Next Texas Governor? Apparently big political announcements in Texas need to occur within a certain distance of the Alamo. After last week’s Rick Perry announcement in San Antonio that he would not run for governor again, Attorney General Greg Abbott told a crowd of supporters in San Antonio that he would try to fill Perry’s position. Abbott has won statewide offices five times in 20 years of Texas politics, but polls show he is still an unfamiliar name to many Texans.

Will District Attorney Craig Watkins Be Held in Contempt of Court? Remember when Watkins was called in front of the court to testify at a hearing involving one of his wealthy political benefactors, and Watkins just decided to no-show? Well, today the court will discuss whether or not Watkins’ courtroom truancy was within his rights.

Jesuit Alum Becomes Youngest PGA Tour Winner in 82 Years: 19-year-old Jordan Spieth won the Deere Classic PGA Tour tournament yesterday in Silvis, Ill., becoming the first teenager to win a tour event since 1931. The win qualified Spieth for the British Open.


  • Jack Jett

    Hey..thanks for commenting about the race for Governor without bashing Wendy Davis for no apparent reason. Very considerate.

  • Dubious Brother

    Tom Pauken announced he is running for Governor in April.