Leading Off (7/1/13)

Will West Dallas Trailer Park Residents Vacate Land for Development — or Squat? Some of the residents of the trailer park off of Fort Worth Ave. near the Commerce St. Bridge have lived in the same spot since the early 1980s. Now they will have to vacate since the owner of the property plans to sell the land to a developer. Some are quietly packing up; others, not so much.

Ted Cruz Gets Standing Ovation at First Baptist for Proposing to Abolish The IRS: Senator Cruz, preaching to his core constituency from the pulpit of First Baptist, bated the crowd with some IRS digs and then yanked the line with a bit about abolishing the IRS. Hmm. I wonder what that kind of pulpit-based political preaching means for First Baptist’s 501(c)3 status. In related news, Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster reviews First Baptist’s new “corporate” facility, and says what I think most of us at D who have to walk past the thing — with its blaring, schlocky music — have been thinking every day:

The path through First Baptist, while a convenience, is hardly so gracious an amenity, and its presence seems altogether more manipulative, if not cynical.

Plano’s Seth Jones Picked Fourth in NHL Draft, Makes History: Seth Jones is the son of former Maverick Popeye Jones. But the son didn’t follow in his father’s athletic footsteps, instead choosing hockey while living in a state that is, let us say, not known for producing hockey players. Over the weekend, Jones made history when he was picked fourth overall in the NHL draft by Nashville Predators, making him both the highest ranking African-American and Texas-born draft pick in NHL history. The picture perfect moment came when Willie O’Ree, the NHL’s first black player (who played with the Bruins in 1958), posed with Jones after the selection.


  • Jack Jett

    The bit about Cruz/Chruch/IRS would be funny if it weren’t so sad. It is one thing to lack even the slightest separation of church and state, yet another to stand and complain that about a organization that gives them a free ride in a limo every second of every day.

  • Kk.

    And pays his salary and provides him with above average government funded healthcare. Don’t take the salary, perks or healthcare Cruz, put your money where your pie hole is.

  • Mike

    [i]Hmm. I wonder what that kind of pulpit-based political preaching means for First Baptist’s 501(c)3 status.[/i]

    It should mean the same as it does for the black churches democrats turn into political headquarters every two years, nothing, but given the recent revelations about the IRS i’m sure that won’t be the case. Just one reason among many why direct taxes like the income tax were forbidden by the Constitution for the first 140 years of this country’s history and should again be abolished, a government that can confiscate money by force will always abuse that power.