Is Mark Cuban the NBA’s Jerry Jones? (Asks Writer with Solid SEO Experience)

Yesterday, I read a tweet from an NBA writer in Miami who said that the teams considered serious contenders to sign former No. 1 pick Greg Oden were Miami, and the Lakers, and New Orleans, and someone else I can’t remember. Not mentioned were the Dallas Mavericks, which is quite a surprise if you follow the local NBA writers, all of whom have been giving us (Mavs-leaked) info that the Mavs are very much in contention for his services.

As a fan, I want to believe the Miami writer just doesn’t have his facts straight. But as an objective follower of the Mavs and the NBA, why would I do that? Since the insta-dismantling of the championship team, haven’t the Mavericks been far outside serious bidding for any (potential) impact players? (Don’t count Monta Ellis, often considered the biggest bad-shot ball-hog in the league.)

Anyhoo, I wanted to write something about how I feel like we give the Mavs brain trust too much leeway here locally, and how Cuban always refuses to answer questions that suggest he or the team could have made mistakes in that time. Then someone at Fox Sports up and wrote it for me. Thank you, Bill Reiter.