Help Settle an Argument About ‘YOLO’

We’re working on our August cover. An argument has arisen over the use of the acronym “YOLO” and whether this is a meme understood by the majority of humans. There are forces within the hallowed halls of D Magazine who did not know what “YOLO” meant until they were recently told. These forces believe it would be a mistake to use the acronym on the cover because it would confuse newsstand buyers. Help us help you. Take this poll:

Do you know what YOLO means?
I think I’ve heard it, but I can’t quite recall.


  • CSP

    My hunch is “go for it” if the key demographic for you and your advertisers is 30-35 and under.

  • Wes Mantooth

    I vote “go for it” if your key demographic is douchers who would tell you to eat a bag of icks-with-a-d.

  • Tim Rogers

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the poll. A couple of us went walking around downtown for about 15 minutes, taking a poll IRL (in real life (but you knew that)). Interesting comparison to the online poll. Of the 70 folks we asked, 35 said they knew what it meant. We tried to ask folks who looked to be in our newsstand demo, thirtysomethings. But we got responses from some who looked younger and some who looked significantly older, too.

  • Andy

    So I have a few colleagues at work that started Ramadan this week and are now fasting for a month. They spent last week eating it up and referring to it as YOLO week. Which started an entire conversation of what YOLO meant and is that something people should know…at my very large company the numbers were about 50/50 on those that knew. And if you did know you were almost definitely below the age of 35. I’m 38 and did not know.

    • Tim Rogers

      Our copy editor is observing Ramadan. Expect errors in the next issue.

  • Seven

    You’re running a blog survey of loyal Frontburnians to understand the mind of a newsstand print buyer?

    • Tim Rogers

      Just one measure, friend. You saw my earlier comment about the poll we conducted with live humans, right?

  • Uppercase Matt

    I can’t imagine the “YOLO” crowd is your target demographic — even if they’re thirtysomethings, I don’t think you’re shooting for the tatted-up, sometimes-employed, sketchy-apartment or lives-with-mom nightclub douchebag crowd. But then, maybe you’re looking to add your own Backpage.

  • fij

    Even Norm Hitzges knows what yolo means.

  • Avid Reader

    Even if everyone understands what it means, why would you do that to your magazine?

  • Alexander Muse
  • Avid Reader

    Also, if you do put that on the cover you are right that you might confuse newsstand buyers, but you will also out D to the young’uns as that square parent trying to chime in on the conversation way too late in the game. Might as well throw LOL on the cover cause that’s still cutting edge lingo for the hip crowd right?

    • RAB

      I vote for FYATHYRIO instead.

  • Seven

    Yep, but not until after I’d posted my comment. Carry on.

  • Huh?

    Yolanda Lopez – JLo’s cousin?

  • Donatella

    It’s funny that as a 50 something (barely) I associate YOLO with our annual vacation to the FL panhandle where stand up paddleboards have been YOLO for years.

  • Jonathon

    Rule of thumb: When DMag starts using internet acronyms, they’ve jumped the shark months ago.

  • IMHO

    Way past the target demo, but I know what it means. Therefore, not edgy.