God Punishes New York For Flipping Off Texas

I’m sure that by now many of you have seen the Daily Show video from Wednesday of Lewis Black’s response to Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign to recruit companies in other states to move to Texas. If you’ve missed it so far, it’s embedded above.

In the clip, Black and a bunch of other New Yorkers proudly tell off our state: “F*** you, Texas.”

Well, might I suggest they are being punished for their insults?

And it "feels like" it's 109 in the concrete jungle of American's largest city.
And it “feels like” it’s 109 in the concrete jungle of America’s largest city.



  • twotif

    Is Lewis Black still popular?!? I’ve never even cracked a smile at anything that hack has ever said or done. If he’s speaking for New York, they’re punishing themselves.

    • Jack Jett

      Lewis Black does well on tour just as Bill Maher sells out in Dallas. That said, I feel certain that Larry The Cable Guy will come up with something really witty about this

  • Kathleen Stoughton-Trahan

    My family, who helped found Tx, they the way, left texas in 1902 after being there since before it was Texas. best decision my great grandparents ever made…LOL I visited there once I am with this guy in the video.

    • Avid Reader


    • Marc McCord

      Luckily for us, you and your family are no longer here. Your departure raised the IQ of Texas, and probably lowered it wherever you landed.

    • BrentDude

      Kathleen, it’s interesting that after 111 years you’re still reading and commenting on this blog.

  • Dan

    So speaking of God’s punishment how is your drought coming along in Texas?I hear they expect it to last for years enjoy the fires and chemical contamination.

  • Bobtex

    Yeah, but the NYC heat will go away in a few days, while we are stuck with Perry for another year and a half.

    • jackdaltonTX

      At least TX doesn’t elect sexual deviants like Spitzer and Weiner.

  • Senor

    98 degrees? We call that temperature “May 15.”

  • Dr. XT

    Umm, I’m confused. God is punishing them with our normal weather (actually, not even the worst weather we endure)?
    Wouldn’t that mean that God is ALWAYS punishing us?

  • ernest t bass

    Wanna bet?

    There IS the former Aggie cheerleader who enjoys secret hot tub trysts.

    Gig ‘Em? “Gig Me.”

  • arst

    Looks like the weather has been getting steadily better in NY since the skit. Might I also add that I like in texas, and 98 degrees with 44% humidity sounds really nice right now. If heat is gods punishment then he punishes texas 5 months of the year.

  • Jack Jett

    While I understand the need for Texan’s to shoot the messenger on this. I assume even the most extreme right winger understands that after America got to know Rick Perry during the Republican debates he is now considered to be the laughing stock of our state by most of the planet.
    With the amount of NY bashing that takes place here, I am surprised that anyone would care what those damn yankee’s think or why we would want them down here.
    The reason Wendy Davis attracted national attention had very little to do with the issue and more to do with willingness to stand up to the oldest of all old boy clubs. It is shocking and newsworthy that we are not all followers of Gohmert, Sessions, Armey, Cruz, and John-John Cornyn.
    I would be curious to know how much money Perry is wasting on making a further fool of himself. While I know Jason Heid is making a joke here, you can bet that most people in NY that read this would think he is serious. I think D cover boy Robert Jeffress has made similar comments that were not in jest.

  • Jack Jett

    Deviant sex for one is a Saturday night for another. Secondly the Spitz and the Wein were busted thus we KNOW about them.
    Lastly, Google Texas Political Sex Scandals and if you want to see your computer explode, replace Political with Religious.

  • JohnInDallas

    Texas has been punished by having Rick Oerry as Governor and George W. Bush before him, along with a Republican controlled Legislature. The entire country laughed Governor Good Hair out of the presidential race last year but we are still stuck with him!

  • Senor

    In conclusion, Texas rules. New York sucks. The end.

  • Frequent Reader

    Why do you have autoplaying videos? Please turn off the autoplay.

  • lol

    Steers and queers come from Texas, oh and big fat women who think they are entitled to a prince charming for doing absolutely nothing. Sounds about right, Texans?