Man From Florida Stopped For Speeding in Forney

OK, so it was the recently acquitted George Zimmerman. But still. He was sent off with a warning.

Do we really care enough that our local ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates, and our city’s only daily newspaper should all have it as the top story on their websites right now?

And a reporter from NBC has tweeted a picture of a computer monitor displaying the dashcam video.

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  • JtB

    I wonder how many reality show offers this guy has gotten thus far.

  • Dubious Brother

    The HuffPo Black Voices front page has a large red headline over a picture of GZ – “In Trouble Again” – is he really?

  • Marcus Cady

    How long until Sharpton, and the others protest in Forney for letting him go?

  • Christine Allison

    Nice to know he had a gun in the glove box. Makes me feel safe.

  • Jackson

    Yes, it is nice to know he’s taking his brand of vigilante justice on tour (even when his vigilance involves killing an innocent teenager walking home). I hear he’s opening for Ted Nugent. Rumor also has it that the two have been booked as entertainment for a few “Perry for President” rallies next year.

  • Rose Mary Taylor

    Got away again!!

  • M Streeter

    Zimmerman gets a friendly warning with a smile. I wonder how a young black male caught speeding with a gun in the gove box would be treated?

    • El_Rey_Dallas

      Well… Any person under 21 with a handgun in their possession should get some extra scrutiny. As for rampant race baiting speculation, I’m not biting that stink bait.

  • Chris

    who leaked this? This isn’t something that is made public record. So it had to be someone from the police department calling every news outlet.