Do You Have a Copy of D’s September 1999 Issue?

Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?

Looking through our archives room, we realize we’re missing a few issues. One of those missing is the September 1999 book, which was our 25th anniversary issue. Hoping this would be easily fixed, I looked on eBay. All I found was a guy selling his May, November, and December 1999 issues for $13.99 apiece. He does not have September. I do not have $13.99.

So I’m hoping you can help. Do you have a September 1999 D Magazine? Zac found a tiny photo of it in the December 1999 issue, so I’ve put that here for your reference. (Yes, it’s small.) If you’ve seen it, will you please contact me?


  • RAB

    Are you sure you actually produced an issue in September 1999? I was a subscriber back then, and I can distinctly recall not getting one.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    have you checked with the library?

  • KatyinBigD

    Check at half price books

  • Ginger Greenberg

    Check with Stan Levenson – I was working on the Dallas 2000 project (and working at Levenson PR) at that time and managed a lot of the media relations. We kept most of the coverage (hence the photo of the Pegasus on top of the Magnolia Hotel). We took the pegasus down, redid, put it back up and then lit it on New Year’s Eve 1999. He might still have the issue in his archives. You might also want to check with Dr. Gail Thomas – she might have one also – as she was spearheading the efforts with the city and others.

  • tony o

    What kind of low-rent operation have you all been running? “Crowdsourcing” to make up for laziness.

  • Wick Allison

    Tony O: Our laziness is so deep and so pervasive that crowdsourcing could not possibly make up for it.

  • Chris

    umm… print a new one?