Dan Branch Makes Attorney General Bid Official

State Rep. Dan Branch at today's announcement at SMU.   Photo by Chris McGathey
State Rep. Dan Branch at today’s announcement at SMU. Photo by Chris McGathey

Anyone else think he looks like a long-lost member of the Bush family? I’m pretty sure that State Rep. Dan Branch (R-Dallas, Park Cities) has had this press release at the ready since about 2005:

A lifelong conservative with a proven record of fighting for Texas and getting results, Dan Branch today announced his candidacy for Texas Attorney General in front of family, friends, and hundreds of supporters at SMU’s Dedman School of Law.

“After much time spent in thoughtful reflection and prayer, and because I believe Texans need someone to defend our state, to fight for us, and to get results, I am asking for your vote to be the next Attorney General of the great state of Texas,” Branch said. “I’m running for Attorney General to fight against an overreaching federal government, to fight for open and accountable government, and to preserve limited government in Texas.”

Branch was joined by his wife of more than 28 years, Stacey, their five children, and his parents in kicking off his campaign at his law school alma mater.

Since 2003, Branch has served in the Texas House of Representatives, where he led the way in balancing six straight budgets without raising taxes, passing the largest tax cut in Texas history, championing pro-life legislation, and enacting landmark tort reform legislation that has helped Texas create nearly one-third of the net new jobs in America over the past 10 years.

“Over the last decade, I’ve helped lead the fight in the legislature to reform our civil justice system and place a choke hold on frivolous lawsuits. While some talked about it, I actually cast the tough votes to make it happen. And the results are in – our economy has expanded dramatically as a result of lawsuit reform,” Branch said. “As your Attorney General, I will fight just as hard to preserve a regulatory climate that creates jobs and clears our courts of junk lawsuits, protects our property rights, and preserves our economic liberties.”

After graduating from SMU law school, Branch worked for the Texas Supreme Court before directing the Victory Fund of the Reagan-Bush re-election campaign in Texas.

“President Reagan inspired a generation of constitutional conservatives to pursue public office across the country. I say this because I am one,” Branch said. “For the past decade, I have tried to uphold his legacy while serving Texas – and this community – as a conservative voice in our state House.”

Branch promised to “fight against a runaway federal government.”

“Whether defending our 1st Amendment freedoms, the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, or the 10th Amendment’s reservation of power to the States, I will exhaust all available remedies to protect Texas from attacks on our freedoms,” Branch said. “When our federal government fails to protect our borders or fulfill its commitment of emergency relief to communities like West, I won’t stop until the federal bureaucrats are held accountable. And I will fight for our state’s right to protect the unborn and our right to define marriage as between one man and one woman.”

Branch is a graduate of the SMU Dedman School of Law and holds two undergraduate degrees from Oklahoma Christian University. In addition to his service in the Legislature, Branch is a successful attorney in Dallas.

For more information, visit www.DanBranch.com, follow @TexansForDan on Twitter, or connect with Texans For Dan Branch on Facebook.


  • Wick Allison

    This is great news for those of us who support sane conservative governance in Texas.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    HIs stupid Bush Expressway bill has guaranteed that he will never got my vote.

  • Amy

    Is conservative only conflictive with choice? Is the right to bear arms limitless – to the point where it overwhelms other rights? If the founding fathers had any idea of what modern medicine could do, would it have merited a line item in the constitution? WWJD about man love or woman love (those of you not actually Jesus please don’t answer). At what point does our immigration and security “unbreachable borders” qualify us for USSR status?

  • TMickel

    Attorney General of Highland Park…..

  • jbarney

    That may have been true at one time, but chances are he is going to continue to move further and further to the right on social issues in order to get elected, making Texas look like an intolerant, backwater of a state. When are we going to have a truly sane person elected in this state again? In addition, how can he tout his record of knocking down frivolous lawsuits, when the chances are pretty great that if he is to win, he is going to continue Abbott’s legacy of filing frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit against Obama? How much taxpayer money has Abbott waisted filing these frivolous lawsuits, the majority of which are knocked down? And this guy will probably just continue doing the same if he promises to fulfil his fight against a runaway federal government.