Dallas Businessman Killed In Dispute at Karaoke Bar In Thailand

Eric “Slouchy” Nicholson has rounded up all the coverage over at Unfair Park, but the short version is Bobby Ray Carter Jr. commandeered the stage at a karaoke bar in the Thai resort town of Ao Nang, refused to leave, the band started playing the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” and then everything went pretty far south. After “Happy Birthday,” “Hotel California” is probably my least favorite song, so I understand the impulse. But, people, check yourself.


  • Helen Anders

    Did Don Henley give you permission to use the words Hotel and California together? Didn’t think so.

  • Glenn Campbell

    Sounds like a show with everything but Yul Brenner.

  • Adrian of Austin

    This story has everything – textbook Dallas alpha male, horrible tourist activity known as “karaoke”, even the awful Eagles and their mainstream dreck “Hotel California”.