Best American Sports Writing 2013 Presents an Odd List of Contributors

MooneyThe list of those whose work was chosen for The Best American Sports Writing 2013 has been released. Till now, it has been a closely guarded secret. Here’s some of what you’ll get:

Karen Russell’s “The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador,” from GQ
Thomas Lake’s “The Legacy of Wes Leonard,” from Sports Illustrated
Chris Ballard’s “Mourning Glory,” from Sports Illustrated
Jonathan Segura’s “The Game of His Life,” from GQ
Allison Glock’s “At the Corner of Love and Basketball,” from ESPN: The Magazine
Burkhard Bilger’s “The Strongest Man in the World,” from The New Yorker
Mark Singer’s “Marathon Man,” from The New Yorker

And, oh yeah, there’s this other story in the book. It’s titled “The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever,” and it was written by a guy named Mike Mooney. Insane, right?