Applications for D Academy Are Due Monday

Last year, we started something really great at D. It’s called D Academy. It’s a leadership program for smart, passionate people who give a damn about Dallas. We meet once a month in various venues around the city. We bring in speakers who are pertinent to that day’s topic. And then we take all this information we’re given, and we apply it to a month-long, citywide reading program called Big D Reads.

I’m extremely biased, but I think this program is pretty great. Mainly because we get 20 people who are willing to give their time to do something that does good for the city, and because last year, we got 73 speakers who were willing to give of their time to explain how the city works and how tell we can make it better.

I tell you all this because applications for the 2013-2014 D Academy class are due on Monday. The application has been called “a beast.” It asks a few essay questions and requires you to get a couple references. But it’s worth the time to fill it out. If you have any questions, ask me. But know I’m biased.