A Great Story About the Newest Dallas Maverick, Monta Ellis

Jonathan Abrams — formerly of the New York Times, now of Grantland — is probably the master of the NBA profile. He talks to everyone, and then he talks to more people, and his way with words and storytelling proves he’s more than just a skilled reporter. All of that is evidence in this profile from April of the Mavericks’ new starting shooting guard (emphasis on shooting), Monta Ellis. A sample:

Monta Ellis’s game is simple. Unless he’s lighting it up with one of his trademark scoring barrages, he appears to be fairly unremarkable. He isn’t big. He doesn’t talk trash. He shows little emotion. He is singularly focused. He often imagines himself as a kid again, shooting into that milk crate with no backboard, willing the ball in so he won’t have to chase down an errant shot. Growing up, he trained himself to tune out the noise on Jackson’s Bailey Avenue: the hustle of a drug deal, the crack of gunshots. Those memories, the same ones that consumed his brother Antwain, still haunt Monta. “It wasn’t pretty,” Ellis says. “I still have nightmares about the things that I’ve done seen.”


  • Mavdog

    A great read, thanks for posting. Hard to believe the difficult environments many manage to escape from.

    Monta will prove to be one of the best FA signings of the summer. He is a perfect compliment to Dirkster, the salary was a steal for the production. Will it be enough to catch up to the favs in the west? unlikely, but then look what happened in ’11 when the playoffs began.
    Great job Donnnie!