7-Eleven Bans ‘The Bomber’ From Its Stores Nationwide

Thumbs-down to Dallas-based 7-Eleven, which weaseled out today and banned the new issue of Rolling Stone from news racks in its corporate-owned stores nationwide. The reason: the magazine’s controversial cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspected Boston Marathon bomber. Critics say the cover disrespects victims of the bombing and glorifies Tsarnaev, likening him to a rock star. What a load. If the guy looked like Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street instead of a teen idol, it’s doubtful there would be half as many complaints. Meantime the flap’s been a PR bonanza for Rolling Stone, which often tackles serious cultural/political issues as well as music—of course. Next time Rascal Flatts or Justin Bieber makes the RS cover I’ll ask 7-Eleven to ban it, too, since the retailer seems to respond so readily to pressure.


  • RAB
  • Tim Rogers

    Really solid post. Thank your for that URL.

  • jackdaltonTX

    I’ll bet you my life savings that Mr. Hunter is a liberal. Nothing at all wrong with the First Amendment, but something tells me Mr. Hunter–along with many of his colleagues at “D”–would complain more than the misguided Trayvon protestors if the next RS had Jesus on the cover and proclaimed him, quite simply, THE SAVIOR. Actually, scratch that original plan. I’ll bet you my life savings that RS would never place George Zimmerman on its cover and label him “THE SELF-DEFENDER.”


  • Minka

    With non-sensical posts like this, it’s no wonder that comments have dried up on Frontburner.

  • Jackson

    @jackdaltonTX, I’m not sure I’ve read something funnier than “I’ll bet you my life savings that Mr. Hunter is a liberal.” I’ll take that bet! If you’re wealthy it’s my meal ticket!

  • Jay Pritchard

    Five-hundred? Must be a peach of a hand.
    Well, I suppose I’m deranged but ah, I guess I’ll just have to call. Cover your ears, darlin.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @jackdaltonTX: I’ve been accused here of being a conservative, a reactionary, a libertarian, a Republican, and a traditionalist, among many other things (“the worst blogger on FrontBurner” was one of my favorites), but liberal wasn’t among them. So I guess you lose.

  • Mavdog

    The article itself is not the issue (no pun intended..), RS has shown to publish outstanding works on a variety of issues, and they shouldn’t shy away from this subject.

    The problem is the photo itself. The photo is Glamour Shot in the look, his face and hair oh so nice, almost teen idolish. Put the photo of Tsarnaev with the white cap, or his mug shot, a realistic one and I would have no problem, and I’m believing few others would either.

    As it is I have a negative opinion of the cover and RS putting it on newstands. The decision to use that specific photo was a poor one.

    • Bill Marvel

      That’s glamor?? Boy, am I getting old!!

  • X Y

    My apologies then, Mr. Hunter. But I’d still be interested to know if you’d object to 7-11 pulling RS off shelves if Jesus or Zimmerman on cover.

  • Tired Head

    I thinking of accusing you and some of your colleagues of replying to your respective posts to create “controversy” and jack up traffic.

  • jackdaltonTX

    My apologies, Mr. Hunter, for labeling you inaccurately. I suppose you are now the proud owner of my life savings. Be on the lookout for a money order of $223.47 . . . sad, I know.

    I’m pleased to hear, btw, that you are anything but a God-hating liberal. I suppose now you’ll never be allowed to write for that rag RS.

    And you’re definitely not the “worst blogger on FrontBurner.” The worst blogger/contributor now plies her feeble trade elsewhere.

  • Neal K

    Obnoxious, yes. But you don’t allow HTML tags in your primitive comment section anymore, so if someone wants to post a link this is what happens. Not that there’s anything wrong with copying and pasting into my browser links posted by your commenters. It reminds me of the happy days of early 2001, when I passed the time surfing Alta Vista with Merge 93.3 softly playing from the speaker of my desktop clock radio.

  • Bill Marvel

    “Liberal” and “conservative” no longer have any useful meaning, except as a label to pin on whomever one happens to disagree with at the moment and as an indication of the in intellectual impoverishment of the person using the label. Of all the things you might have said about Glenn Hunter’s comments, this was the least enlightening.