The Wendy Davis Mizunos Get Awesome Amazon Reviews

Take a few minutes and scroll through the Amazon reviews of the sneakers that Senator Wendy Davis wore during her filibuster. Some pretty genius stuff there. One of my favorite reviews:

I would not necessarily want to see my daughters wearing these shoes. But the important thing is that they have the freedom to make that choice for themselves.


  • Anthony Bond

    Forget about the sneakers. Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas is what, we, the good people of Texas should be talking about. There should be no sneaking or sneakers important in this quest to defeat Perry!Get in touch with me , Wendy. I want to help you get thousands of votes here in Irving, Texas!

  • Jackson

    I heard someone say it was too bad her shoes weren’t made by Fila…then they could have been “Filabusters!”