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The One Story You Should Read About Barrett Brown, Ctd.

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A law-minded FrontBurnervian directs us to this trailer of a well-reviewed documentary (out next month) in which our friend Barrett makes an appearance.

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Barrett Brown Gets Shipped Off to a Medium Security Prison

Another column by Barrett Brown has just been published by The Intercept. It's a delight to read, as always. But he got busted for snorting morphine and has been transferred to a higher security prison in South Texas. So it's a rather depressing column, too.
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Barrett Brown To Be Sentenced Tomorrow

Tim is the resident Barrett Brown expert, but we are all busy trying to make sure we have Christmas around here, which has led to about eight fires, and Tim is directly involved in putting out at least four or five of them. So, it falls to me to tell you that tomorrow morning Barrett will find out if he's got to spend any more time in the joint. I hope the answer is no, but I also enjoy his writing about prison life. So -- no, I hope he gets out ASAP. #freebarrettbrown