Texas Rangers Left-Fielder David Murphy Holds Boston Red Sox Scoreless in Eighth Inning

Click to see video of David Murphy's outing on MLB.com.
Click to see video of David Murphy’s outing on MLB.com.

He did this from the pitching mound. Murphy also notched a strikeout in his inning of relief last night. Unfortunately, the guys whom the Rangers actually pay to pitch couldn’t keep Boston off the scoreboard in any of the previous seven innings, leading to a 17-5 rout.

The funniest part of Murphy’s outing is that he struck out Mike Carp, and Carp was subsequently thrown out of the game for arguing the final strike call by the home plate umpire. By putting a zero up on the board for the bottom of the eighth, the Red Sox were prevented from becoming just the 10th team since 1900 to score in every inning of a game (of course, since they were the home team, they had only eight innings on offense.)