• Eric Celeste

    Why Mike? Site lists Buzzell and Spaeth companies as the points of communication contact, no?

    • Tim Rogers

      Snyder is in on the gig, too. It’s his voice on the Museum Tower’s video, and he’s been answering critics in various online forums.

  • tested

    Nasher should stop negotiating and just file a lawsuit. Clearly the Museum Tower folks aren’t interested in fixing the problem. It also puts a nasty glare on Klyde Warren Park.

  • Brandon

    Master Storyteller my ass. Mike Snyder needs to learn how to use social media before he does anything.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    It looks like someone, at least, found the switch to keep comments from auto-posting. Everything cut off as of June 28.

  • Tony Wright

    I think they figured it out.

  • Pete Moore

    Museum Tower is getting its butt kicked. Snyder doesn’t have the experience to be working on this type of complex and difficult issue. Social media isn’t the answer to the problem. He did do a nice job narrating the video.

  • Tim Rogers

    Well, now they’ve taken down all the comments. Took a page out of Wick’s playbook.