Museum Tower Again Says Fixing the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Roof is the Only Solution

Scale models of the "oculi" of the Nasher's roof. On the right is what is there now. In the left are what the reoriented version would look like, according to Museum Tower's proposed fix.
Scale models of the “oculi” of the Nasher’s roof. On the right is what is there now. On the left are what the reoriented version would look like, according to Museum Tower’s proposed fix.

Museum Tower issued a press release this morning to announce that after having a “team of experts” examine 20 possible fixes to the reflection problem that’s causing the Nasher Sculpture Center to overheat, they’ve found that the only solution is to reconfigure the sunscreen system of the museum’s glass roof. It will provide “100 percent remediation of reflected light into the galleries.”

Museum Tower says it will pay for the testing, installation, and fabrication of new “oculi” to reorient the light.

“We know the newly designed oculi work.  This solution has been peer reviewed by the best experts in the country,” said Dr. Cyrus D. Cantrell, Ph.D., P.E.   “It only requires a slight adjustment to the oculi system of about 45 degrees to completely eliminate unwanted light and any view of the surrounding buildings. This is a beautifully engineered solution.”

So that’s what they’re offering for the effect in the galleries. But what about the outdoors portion of the Nasher? Well, they’re still claiming there’s no problem for the garden at all.

The impact of reflected light on the Nasher’s garden has been carefully observed for over one year and according to Scott Ogden, a nationally known horticulturist and garden designer, “Reflections from Museum Tower have no demonstrable effect on the vegetation in the Nasher garden, there is no damage from sunlight reflected by the Tower, that the garden is doing well and will continue to do so.”

You can read more about their proposal on a website they’ve set up:

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: The Nasher has released the following statement about the proposal:

The glare from Museum Tower is a problem for the entire Arts District, not just the Nasher Sculpture Center. Recycling the same grossly inadequate and deeply flawed idea in another publicity stunt is not a way to address the problems Museum Tower is causing for the people of Dallas. The bottom line is that the owners of Museum Tower need to fix their building.


  • AggieBethie

    Makes you want to reach out and slap someone.

  • Pegaso

    This will go to court and a judge will side against the Nasher, which doesn’t have air rights or a legally binding contract to limit the height of adjacent structures. As much as I’d hate to see them lose, that’s what will happen.

  • Chris

    What? This further proves the fact that just because you have a Ph.D. in your name, doesn’t mean you have any common sense.

  • my2cents

    My question is whether the tower is going to pay for the Oculi for my office window in Fountain Place. The sun is like a laser beam right into my eyeballs everyday at around 4pm.

    • Glenn

      Have you tried closing the blinds?

    • Really?

      I worked in Fountain Place for many years, and was roasted by the sun long before the Museum Tower was there. I know it’s very uncool to agree with the MT people, but, come on.

  • Evilisa

    What about the glare on the KW Park?

  • Brett Moore

    This might be a viable solution for just fixing the beams of light that are entering the galleries of the Nasher. What about the reported problems with the garden hot spots?

    • Brett Moore

      ^ I just learned to read like yesterday, apparently.

  • Kelric

    You know – I would bet the Nasher has enough backers that they could pull out of this spot. Might be a good idea, pull up stakes, and turn the land over for some section 8 housing. I think that would look just fine next to the tower. In fact – put up some clothes lines right there along the street by where the trolley will go. From all the articles it just does not seem that the people at MT are taking this seriously

  • Kasper

    Reading over I find it hard not to be swayed.