Matt Bondurant Types Pretty for Outside

Matt Bondurant teaches writing at UTD. He’s also a novelist of some note. The movie Lawless was based on a novel he wrote called The Wettest County in the World, which he based on his family’s history of running moonshine. Let’s see. What else do you need to know about Matt? He has a very attractive wife. He oftentimes doesn’t respond to kind invitations to go have a beer. Oh! And he’s a competitive long-distance, open-ocean swimmer. That last detail is an important one.

Matt has a story in the July issue of Outside magazine. You should read it. Here’s the lead:

At first, the jellyfish were easy to negotiate. I swam through them, maneuvering like the Millennium Falcon in an underwater asteroid belt. Other swimmers occasionally came up for air, talking and laughing, and at one point I saw our coach, Ned Denison, holding a jelly in the palm of his immense hand, pretending to eat it. Then we hit the wall, and there was nowhere to go but through it. That’s when people started screaming.


  • landbound

    The best writer/swimmer possible! I am in awe.

  • Jerome Weeks

    His most recent novel, The Night Swimmer — as one might gather from the title — was also inspired by his ocean swimming.

  • UBS

    Really? You have to comment on his “attractive wife?” She’s a lot more accomplished than just her looks. Do some research.

  • Tim Rogers

    I’m sorry. From your comment, I gather that you are an unattractive person. My apologies for reminding you of this.

    Yes, really. It is okay to say that a woman is attractive. Even if she has a Ph.D. I’ve only spoken to Mrs. Bondurant for a few minutes, at a private book-signing event held for Kurt Eichenwald (not hot), but I think I know her well enough to say that this post won’t offend her.

  • bigjondaniel

    Riiigghght – because at D Mag, Brains > Looks. In D Magazine land, looks aand brains are mutually exclusive, right? .Just look at the article link in the Banner of the blog . I guess the on-line nomination form forgot to add ‘education”, and “professional accomplishment” Oh wait -in between asking what she drinks and where she drinks, it asks if she’s the “smart one”. Truth is – the D Magazine beauty contest issues has run it’s course. Give up a few eyeballs, and come on in to the 21st century

  • RAB

    I was at that some book-signing. I can attest that Mr. Bondurant’s wife was indeed hot, and I say that with the deepest respect for feminine beauty.

    (I can also confirm that Mr. Eichenwald is not hot, nor does he have a Ph.D. They are both equal before the eyes of God, but I preferred talking to Mrs. Bondurant.)

  • RAB

    “same,” dammit!

  • UBS


    Why do you assume I’m unattractive myself, based on my observation that you felt the need to reference the attractiveness of Matt Bondurant’s wife? Should I assume you’re a sexist Neanderthal pig whose only recourse is to childishly criticize the supposed physical looks of a commenter raising a point for discussion? What grade are you in? Aren’t you a former editor of D Magazine? And again, you make the assumption that I’m female, as if a man also couldn’t be critical of your gendered commentary (I think bigjondaniel proves my point).

    Perhaps I should have been more specific. I’m not challenging a man’s right to say a woman is attractive (methinks you doth protest too much!), only that this is a fairly traditional way to refer to a woman/wife. Why leave out her educational or professional accomplishments and only refer to her by her looks? Why even mention how Bondurant’s wife looks to begin with?

    Your response has only served to confirm my opinion of this publication–it is full of retrograde superficial blowhards.

    And yes, tell me not to read it anymore. I think that’s a fabulous idea!

  • Tim Rogers

    What did I write that gave you the idea that I think you’re a female? This exchange has convinced me that you are not just unattractive but flat out ugly. As a result, I can no longer exchange comments with you (magazine policy).

    (Also, I am trolling you.)

  • Dubious Brother

    Is it bad that I would rather have a conversation with Pat Smith than with Suzie Humphries?

  • RAB

    I read The Night Swimmer. It was not “inspired” by ocean swimming, although it obviously included it. I believe it was in fact inspired by the desire to write a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Or the desire to impress his muse (read “hot wife”).