Leading Off (6/24/13)

Businessman, Community Leader Is Also Serial Bank Robber: Farmers Branch resident Luis Delagarza was known by his neighbors as an upstanding citizen, a community activist, and a businessman. Then he was arrested in April for a robbery of a Wells Fargo Bank branch. Now the FBI has identified him as the “Mesh Mask Bandit,” a serial bank robber who has hit 19 banks since New Year’s Eve.

Ardon and Iris Moore of Fort Worth Are Philistines: When arts patron Ruth Carter Stevenson passed away in January, her estate sold her Fort Worth home, a “modernist gem” designed in the 1950s by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris, to Ardon and Iris Moore. Then it was discovered that the new owners had plans to tear the place down. Late last week, before preservationists could mount opposition, the home was demolished. The Dallas Morning News’ new architecture critic calls the demolition “an act of brazen philistinism.” But here’s the question: who is managing the Carter Stevenson estate, and how did they not properly vet the buyers of one of the area’s architectural jewels?

Will P1s Follow Bad Radio to The Fan? According to rumors, Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell will depart 1310 The Ticket for arch-rival 105.3 The Fan. The move, if it happens, will set up a intriguing showdown: are the radio station’s fervent followers more loyal to the brand or the on-air personalities?


  • Columbiasooner

    Bob announced via Twitter yesterday that they are staying at The Ticket.

  • Dan Koller

    As one of the radio station’s fervent followers, I was happy to see this tweet from Bob Sturm yesterday:

    We are staying home for years to come. In the end, just can’t leave you or our brothers or the special thing we have all built. #1310

  • Zac Crain

    Sturm tweeted last night that they are staying, though they do have the day off today.

  • JSSS

    So Bob was saying that the Ticket matched the Fan’s offer? LOL

  • thufir_hawat

    Below, a more thoughtful (though curiously also using the same Philistine epithet) post regarding the demolition of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hoffman Auto Showroom at 430 Park in New York. Philistines can exist north of the Mason-Dixon it would seem, even in hallowed Gotham where the presumed Philistines at MoMA were (likely are still) considering tearing down the American Folk Art Museum in the name of expansion.

    On the 430 Park building, the owners received a preliminary call from the Landmarks Preservation Commission on 3/22; 3/28 the owners applied for a demo permit which was approved the same day. So there are lessons on both sides.



  • PR1

    Lets be honest — BAD radio, especially Bob, is the weak link in the station’s line up. The brand is certainly bigger than that show.

  • murph

    PR1, I would actually argue that BaD radio is the second best show on TheTicket behind the Musers. I still listen to The Hardline, but they made a mistake in giving Corby a larger role once Gregg-o left.