Leading Off (6/17/13)

Kingston and Callahan Win Dallas City Council Runoffs: Philip Kingston and Rick Callahan won their runoff campaigns this past Saturday. Kingston was the choice of outgoing council member Angela Hunt for her seat. Callahan becomes the representative for Pleasant Grove. With the victories, the Hispanic representation on the city council drops from three to two.

Man Drowns in Plano Golf Course: There is a lot unclear about how a man drowned in a water hazard at The Course at Waters Creek golf course. Who was it? Why was he there? Was he alone? And what’s with Plano? Or, as FrontRow’s music critic (and Plano native) Chris Mosley said on Twitter of the golf course death, “This city’s ability to turn ordinary into tragic is unparalleled.”

Police Association Recovers Smoker: On the street, a $10,000 trailer-mounted smoker is apparently worth $75 in dope.

Rangers Losing Streak Worst in Three Years: The Rangers dropped their sixth game in a row yesterday, making it their worst losing streak since April 2010. Manager Ron Washington held a closed team meeting after Sunday’s game. And speaking of flopping, Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t think it’s a big deal in the NBA.


  • Senor

    It’s “The Courses at Watters Creek.” I don’t understand your “what’s with Plano” comment. A man died. It’s tragic. I don’t get how tying it to the city in which it occurred has any meaning.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Had Diaz not run a frankly racist campaign, he wouldn’t have lost the black vote so badly.