Leading Off 6/12/13

Police Officer Committed Suicide After Being Arrested. There aren’t a lot of details on this story, yet, but here’s what we know: three Arlington officers were being investigated by the FBI and Texas Rangers for something to do with fraud and computers. One of the officers, David Vo, was arrested last week and was recently released on pending charges. He apparently committed suicide on Tuesday.

Boy Tries To Save His Home. It’s a short story, but if you want to try to save your home from erosion, the best thing you can do is put your 10-year-old son in a suit and have him talk to City Council. We’ll have to wait to see if the move worked. 

Dallas Entrepreneur Center Launches. The Dallas Entrepreneur Center launches this week. It’s a nonprofit center in the Design District that will provide office space and act as an incubator for entrepreneurs. I’m excited about this for several reasons: 1. It’s a much-needed and great resource for startups. 2. It will (hopefully) put Dallas on the map for supporting startups. 3. I know two of the people behind this—Trey Bowles and Jennifer Conley—well. They’re good people who are passionate about this city. I’m excited to see this come together for them and wish them luck.


  • Pete Moore

    There is ample evidence that the city damaged the homeowner’s retaining walls but city officials have tried to ignore that information. It is widely believed that the city attorney has threatened council members if they speak with the homeowners and would rather tie the case up in court until the homeowners run out of time and money.
    If the city loses the case – which is likely – taxpayers will be stuck with huge legal bills and will have to repair the damage. Someone at city hall needs to wake up.