• mr_lakewood

    That’s Harrell’s Drug Store, the first business in Lakewood. It opened in 1924. E. C. “Doc” Harrell was “The Father of Lakewood”. His only child, Charles, was killed in World War II and he subsequently adopted all the kids in the neighborhood. His soda fountain was the hangout for Woodrow Wilson High School. You could still buy Wildcat football tickets there into the 1980s. He would charter buses and even planes for out of town games.

    During the war, he sent out a book to all the Woodrow boys serving in the military overseas. It was called “Your Hometown”. The prologue said, “Never forget that you are the best. From the best city, in the best state, in the best country on earth”.

  • JillTR

    Hello. My Grandmother Orenna Thyfault was one of the first residents in the neighborhood. Her home was on Country Club Circle right across from the first hole tee at Lakewood CC. My Aunt Rosemary, 89, was the youngest child of 5 and is still alive and recounting memories of Lakewood, as is my Aunt Orenna Kyle, 90. They were all familiar with Mr. Harrell.

    I grew up in Casa View and the White Rock Area and have lived near and far, but I still find this neighborhood to hold a special enchantment from the era I’d the 1920s.