Enter Now to Win One of Only 5,000 Tickets For City’s 50th Anniversary JFK Assassination Event

Today the city of Dallas announced the process for requesting access to “a serious, understated and respectful commemoration in tribute to our nation’s 35th president, “ on Nov. 22, 2013, at Dealey Plaza. That is, of course, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Only about 5,000 tickets will be issued for the event. If you want a shot at one or two (no more), you can enter for the chance to get them for free at www.50thhonoringjohnfkennedy.com. You have from now until July 31 to make your request. The press release on the process goes to great lengths to assure us that this will be a fair and unbiased process:

All requests will be entered into a highly secure database run by an interactive communications firm, and tickets will be randomly allocated by computer program. The random allocation process will create a list of names for ticket holders as well as a wait list. This list will be given to the Dallas Police Department for security screening and those approved will be notified of their status on or about October 1, 2013.

Not just a secure database, you see—a highly secure database. But I think that last part, about how the police will be given the list for “security screening” purposes, makes it clear how they’ll be able to keep out perceived troublemakers, like the assassination conspiracy theorists whom they’d rather not have mucking up their dignified memorial.

And don’t worry, major donors to the event, “civic leaders,” and we esteemed members of the fourth estate will be granted special access as well. If you can’t get in, they plan to have video screens set up around downtown broadcasting it all.


  • mkdallas

    “If you want a SHOT at one or two…” may not have been the most ideal verbiage to use in this particular story. Then again, maybe it was, lol.

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  • Brittany Morrison