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Editors of Houstonia Magazine Find Dallas Doesn’t Suck, Have to Rethink Entire Issue

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If you see a bunch of hungover Houstonians driving around town in a sketchy white van, it’s likely they are the editors of Houstonia, a new city magazine that debuted earlier this year. This morning at Smoke, over a hearty breakfast of coffee, orange juice, brisket, eggs, potatoes, and cigarettes, longtime Houston writer John Nova Lomax told me that he and his colleagues are here working on a “Dallas issue” for the mag. A few days ago, they piled in said van and drove to North Texas to find out for themselves just how awful Dallas was so they would have a new way to write about how great Houston is.

Lomax, who last night was obviously over-served at The Grapevine Bar (among other places), spent an hour or so wondering when Dallas got so fun, cool, and un-Dallasy. “We came up here to have a terrible time,” he said. “We failed miserably.”

On Saturday, I was a guest on Jim Schutze’s KNON radio show, and one of the things we discussed was how, more and more, Dallas is becoming a place where there are interesting people, places, and things to do, and how that makes it difficult for professional curmudgeons like us. (And, apparently, Houstonians like us.) I’d link to the podcast, but KNON being KNON, they don’t have it up yet. Just pretend it was brilliant.