Car Jacking Frightens D Magazine Employees

It wasn’t the only aggravated robbery that took place in Dallas yesterday, nor is it an especially rare form of crime in our city, but it was the incident that is today disturbing a number of D Magazine employees because of its proximity to the safe and comfortable environs of our office. And so I’ve been asked to broadcast information about it.

As part of the recently completed expansion and renovation of First Baptist Church of Dallas, a shiny new parking garage was erected on San Jacinto Street connected to the church’s complex of buildings along St. Paul. This was a benefit to some of us who work at the D Empire because it meant there was another nearby parking garage with monthly-contract spaces available. Quite a few of us signed up to park there. (Myself, I trek back and forth a few arduous blocks each day to the much-cheaper Hall Arts Center Garage by the Meyerson.)

Well, according to the police report of the incident, yesterday at a little after 5 p.m. at the First Baptist garage, a robber pulled a tire iron on a 23-year-old woman, assaulted her, and took her 2009 Volkswagen Jetta, purse, wallet, and laptop computer.

After hearing about this, and how some kid tried to rip Patrick Kennedy’s phone right out of his hand during the middle of the day last week and hid in that same garage, I’m going to be watching my back a little closer around here for a bit.


  • t b

    Baptists can be quite aggressive.

  • Flumoxed

    Suggested tags “Office chicks made me post this,” “white girl problems” and “this never happened in my childhood bubble.”

  • Jefferson

    Garage needs a George Zimmerman

  • Liz Johnstone

    Oh hey, want to talk about how being a petite (white) woman is, in fact, somewhat problematic? When I walk the ten minutes to my parking garage every evening, I rely on everyone else around me to leave me alone. If at any point someone decides not to leave me alone, and say, threaten me with a tire iron, there’s not a lot I could do about it.

    I’ve been mugged in broad daylight (not here) because I look like an easy target. I chased my mugger and he was caught, but that’s beside the point. My point is, this girl was walking to her car, in a secure parking garage, at 5 p.m. Whether or not she’s “from the bubble” is irrelevant. To quote Louis C.K., there’s no greater threat to women than men. And every woman in this office has a right to be concerned and take precautions.

  • Tenant

    There are so many events happening at this garage. Truck parts stolen, cars broken into or stolen. Security is present the day following an incident only if it becomes public knowledge – which most of the time we here only by word of mouth. So say a new “golf cart” was being sent for the new “patroling officer” but he was present for a week and is now non-existent. Might I add when the new church was being built our parking fee went from $105 to $130 for “improvements”. The only improvements we’ve seen are at the new church. The First Baptist Garage should be condemned and if security isn’t ever present after these incidents yesterday – shame on the management. This is an outrage and pathetic. Shame on them!

  • Glenn

    Liz, you’re absolutely right, but I’d add that men have a right to be concerned as well. If I’m reading between the lines correctly, Flumoxed has an attitude toward crime that’s often been expressed by certain commenters on this blog. That is: crime is just a part of the “big-city urban experience,” and anybody who gets mad about it is probably naive and really should be living in the suburbs.

  • Chynna

    I thought the mob the harangued soon-to-be Frontburner editor Jason Heid into posting this news were rather self-indulgent.