Angela Hunt Warns That Big Brother is Watching in Dallas Too, Not Just Washington

Spurred on by Tim’s retweet of a Guardian article about the need for government to remain accountable, soon-to-be-former City Councilwoman Angela Hunt took to Twitter today to sound an alarm about how it’s not just surveillance by our national government that citizens should be on guard against.

Among the few occasions when it’s worth reading multi-part tweets.

(H/T Unfair Park)


  • Wylie H Dallas

    Awesome… would also love to hear Council Member Hunt’s take on exactly how many times Mary Suhm has failed to comply with the Texas Open Records Act, including how many times it has also fought orders from the State Attorney General to comply with the law after initial violations.

  • Not Bradford

    Hmm, copy-n-pasting tweets. How very Bradford of you.

  • Daily Reader

    I totally agree.

  • Harvey Lacey

    I have to laugh at all of the crying about invasion of privacy. It’s just righting the ship folks.

    Some of us remember back in the day when life was simple and our world was small. Back then you knew that if you screwed around in school word of your misbehaving would beat you home. One of the other kids would tell their mom and their mom would call your mom, just the way it was.

    It’s still that way when you get in the rural areas to some degree. It always amazes me to visit a rural client and in no time at all I will know all about all the neighbors. In the city the clients don’t know anything about the neighbors unless they’re foreign and that’s reason enough to avoid contact.

    A red light camera is nothing but the old lady who lived on the corner in town that would call your parents when you chirped the tires, back then no one had a car that could smoke tires. The telephone surveillance has been there since telephony began. Back in the day I worked for the telcos and let me tell you right now that privacy was an illusion. Juicy conversations were shared, sometimes live, human nature being what it is.

    I smile when I see an idiot smoke the tires or lift the front wheel in an exhibition of speed because they think they got away with something. Chances are an off duty cop, friend of cop, or busy cop caught the act. They put it on cop’s version of flash drive and shared it with other cops. The idiot goes ten over and gets not only a ticket but a hassle and wonders why.

    There is no privacy, never has been. It’s always been like that couple in your office that have been bumping nasties and think no one knows. Everyone knows.

    • Bill Marvel

      I, too, remember back in the day, Harvey. Perhaps farther back in the day than you. Your memory is folksy and colorful as all get-out, But it fails to make some necessary distinctions. Here the snoop is not some little old lady on a street corner taking numbers. Here the snoop is government — OUR government, the government we elected to protect our rights, the same government sworn to conduct no unreasonable searches and seizures. Red-light cameras do not strike me as unreasonable. Wholesale record-keeping of our phone conversations and trolling the streets for random license plate numbers do. There IS privacy, except for those who do not know or do not care where to draw the line. Do YOU know where to draw the line? For yourself? For your fellow citizens?