Angela Hunt, Jim Schutze, and I Discuss Money, Murder, and Sex in Dallas

That might be an oversell. By “murder” I mean we talk about the killing of the newly proposed portion of the Trinity Trails. That works, right?

View for yourself and let me know. The KNON videocast of Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze’s weekly radio show features outgoing city councilwoman Angela Hunt discussing the following: what makes her feel “clean” (politically speaking); why a strong mayor won’t happen in Dallas for at least the next 20 years; what the city is doing a “piss-poor job of running”; and if she (unlike Jim) knows what a “hook-up” is (i.e., why sex is making Dallas a better place).

Bonus! Match these three quotes with the person who said each sentence:

  • “If you back away and look at all this, there’s a lot of great stuff happening in the city.”
  • “I get there are folks out there who just can’t stand me for whatever reason. What may bother them is, I don’t care.”
  • “That may be because they listen to less [’80s Norwegian synth-pop band] A-ha than I did.”


(Okay, one is easer than the other two.)


  • McHale

    1. Jim S
    2. Angela
    3. Eric

    Jim’s show is quickly becoming “must listening” for anyone who is interested in Dallas politics and city life. Media types like to cry crocodile tears over the supposed demise of DMN, but the paper has never been willing to report the inside baseball – the motivations – of what happens in Dallas politics and business.

    Hats off to Schutze, Wilonsky and Celeste for (usually) giving us an unvarnished look at the good and bad in our city.