Wildenthal to Lead Foundation at Children’s

The Dallas Morning News has portrayed him relentlessly as a greedy, high-living, double-dealing fraudster. (Right after conceding he did lots of admirable work.) But for some reason a number of Dallasites haven’t bought into The News’ characterization of former UT Southwestern Medical Center president Dr. Kern Wildenthal. Among them, it seems: Children’s Medical Center. The country’s fifth-largest pediatric hospital has just appointed Wildenthal president of its foundation and executive vice president of Children’s Medical Center.


  • Wylie H Dallas

    Good grief, not THIS again….

    Just take the Dallas Morning News out of the picture entirely for a second and simply READ the “Special Investigative Report” issued by Paul Hastings for UT Southwestern. Wildenthal’s problems are clearly spelled out in that report.

    Once again, D Magazine seems to be making the argument that if a person does good work, they should some how be exempt from normal standards of conduct, including an obligation to follow the law. Wildenthal did plenty of good work— unfortunately, he ended up flying too close to the sun. That’s not uncommon with respect to those who gain extraordinary amounts of power and influence.

    He proved himself very good at raising money and he has plenty of rich and powerful friends. He may well do great in this new gig, but his integrity is still open to question.

  • Richard

    Kern Wildenthal still shows poor judgment by obtaining a fundraising position at a UTSW affiliated hospital, Children’s Medical Center. This is a clear conflict of interest. This after Wildenthal was forced to resign from to different positions at UTSW as its president of its fundraising organization and from all positions at UTSW.

    Wildenthal still, however, was able to maintain a paid position as a special consultant at the Southwestern Medical Foundation.

    Clearly, UTSW and Children’s have a lot of explaining to do.

    We can certainly expect to see a VIP patient system set up to wine and dine Children’s patients. Start stocking up the “Jesus juice”, Kern.

  • Eric

    Just as the newest Great Gatsby reminds us “they are different from us”. They take care of one of their adopted ‘own’. There are truly different rules for them.

    This is the example Children’s Hospital wants to show its ‘parents’?