Why Adrian Beltre is Your Favorite Texas Rangers Player, Even if You Don’t Know It


On Sunday, SB Nation made the case for why Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is so “hilariously awesome.” Some of it has do with the fact that (as we’ve noted before) he really, really doesn’t like his head to be touched.

The post concludes with a couple of GIFs from Saturday’s Rangers game against the Seattle Mariners, in which Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus playfully antagonizes Beltre in the middle of the game, once touching his head during a visit to the mound (see it above), and another time calling for a fly ball that Beltre had already claimed as his (see that after the jump). You know your team is doing well (the Rangers are tied for the American League’s best record) when teammates can get away with these shenanigans without causing a clubhouse uproar.

Here’s how Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation describes the Andrus-Beltre dynamic:

This is almost certainly the most compelling storyline in sports today, and if you’re not caught up, it shouldn’t take too long. Everyone needs a stodgy-yet-secretly-playful workmate like Beltre. Everyone needs a jackass workmate like Andrus. It’s like watching nature’s perfect design. There’s probably some way to fit Andrus and Beltre’s interactions into a flowchart that follows the Fibonacci sequence.


This is more great GIF work by DShep25. You may remember him from such GIFs as this beauty.


  • Tim Rogers

    Holy crap, I love Elvis. I mean, he is all up INSIDE Beltre’s kitchen. I could watch those GIFs for hours.

  • Tim Rogers

    By the way, watch that first GIF closely. Beltre at first tries a left-footed kung fu move on Elvis. When that misses, it looks to me like Beltre goes to pull the ball out of his glove to fire it at Elvis. Is that what’s happening? But then, of course, there’s no ball there. So he resorts to throwing the glove at him. I’m hear to tell you that Beltre is a hothead. If he’d had a throwing star in his pocket, he’d have nailed Elvis with it. Whatever was at hand, it was gonna get thrown.

    • mdunlap1

      There’s no ball. He just went to throw the glove without taking it off his hand first. Taking the glove off his hand first was necessary in order for him to throw the glove.

  • dheidle

    Beltre easily is and has been my favorite Ranger since he got here. And I love the dynamic between he and Elvis.

  • Jazz

    Are you “hear” to tell me or “here” to tell me?

  • Tim Rogers

    Shoot me now. My homophone blindness continues to surprise me.