Vote For Your Favorites in the Best of Big D: Services Poll, Starting Monday, May 20

animated-servicesThe final round of this year’s Best of Big D Readers’ Choice voting commences Monday. This time we’re asking you to pick your favorite home, family, beauty, and fitness services in Dallas.

As usual, you can cast a ballot up to once a day on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. It runs through June 2, and the winners will be honored in the August issue of D Magazine.

Take the jump to see all the categories we’ll be asking you to determine. We’ve selected a group of worthy nominees for each, but you’ll also be able to write in whatever you like.

1. What is the best day spa?
2. Which gives the best facial?
3. What is the best place to get a massage?
4. What is the best place for a manicure/pedicure?
5. What is the best sunless tanning salon?
6. What is the best hair salon?
7. Where’s the best place for blowouts?
8. What is the best place to get your eyelashes done?
9. What is the best place to get your eyebrows done?
10. What is the best place for waxing?
11. What is the best yoga studio?
12. What is the best fitness program?
13. Which is the best tailor?
14. What is the best dry cleaner?
15. What is the best place for shoe repair?
16. Which is the best framer?
17. Which is the best stationer?
18. Who is the best calligrapher?
19. What is the best yard care company?
20. What’s the best landscape design company?
21. Which is the best home painter?
22. Which is the best mover?
23. Which is the best closet organizer?
24. Which is the best auto mechanic?
25. What is the best car wash?
26. What is the best veterinary clinic?
27. Which is the best pet groomer?
28. What is the best pet boarder?
29. What is the best caterer?
30. Which is the best for party rentals?
31. Who is the best family photographer?
32. Who is the best children’s entertainer?
33. What is the best children’s art class?
34. Where are the best children’s dance classes?
35. Which offers the best children’s swimming classes?