Steven Spielberg to Direct the Chris Kyle Story

We already knew that Bradley Cooper had signed on to play former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was senselessly killed in February by a fellow veteran, in the motion picture adaptation of Kyle’s autobiography, American Sniper.

Today it was announced that some director named Steven Spielberg is going to helm the project. He’ll be making this instead of the movie he’d been planning to do next: Robopocalypse

So look for the Legend of Chris Kyle to make an appearance at the Oscars in 2015.


  • Obaid Karki

    Now that’s fact on Hollywood played by Bradley Cooper. Steven Spielberg is digging his own grave this time. This Zionist really has gone mad. He lost his mind after directing Schindler’s List horsemanure. You must be kidding! Spielberg to dramatize the Biography of Donald Rumsfeld’s TOYBOY Redneck Psycho Mercenary who sported shooting 225 ill-elders, pregnant-women and sleeping-babies in Anbar. Chris Kyle collected his victims’ ears and fingers as trophies to fortify his body count to Rumsfeld. Rummy loved to use them as dildos to milk his prostate. Steven Spielberg is sick. Man! That’s why he adored shirtless underage boys on his logo. Chris Kyle stood no chance to sniper a rat in Fallujah – he will be dead long before unpacking his shotgun. when it comes to worthying the worthless and glorifying criminals. CNN is FOXNEWS. Chris Kyle was GUNDOWN by a beer lout while shooting scarecrows of Dixie before he takes his life and blame Tsarnaeva brothers for it. This movie project must be funded by Saudi Arabia as Schindler’s List to show how helpless Muslims’ ill-elders, pregnant-women and sleeping-babies sniperd by contract killers if they ever rebel against Thugocracies. That’s Saud Alfaisal said: ‘I will chop anybody’s finger if he ever pointed at House of Alsaud’. Good for Taliban they will be bombing more movie houses